Lock Focus Universal Rear Fixing C4 Locking T Handle Type 2


Versatile lock for garages and sheds with interchangeable spindle, zinc alloy design, chrome finish, and a waterproof seal from the Lock Focus range.



This lock is ideal for a range of applications, including garages, sheds, and canopy doors. It’s designed with adaptability in mind, featuring a changeable 74mm spindle that can be swapped with other selections from the Lock Focus range. For durability and aesthetics, the handle and rose are constructed from a zinc alloy diecast, complemented by a chrome-plated finish. The lock employs a 5-pin brass cylinder mechanism and offers flexibility with either a 90-degree or a 280-degree rotation. Each lock comes with a pair of keys for convenience. Additionally, installation is made easier with the inclusion of an M5 stud and nut. A rubber gasket, ensuring a waterproof seal, is also provided.


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