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Elevate Your Property with Eline Fencing's Premium Solutions

Secure, private, and aesthetically pleasing, Eline Fencing offers top-tier, comprehensive fencing solutions designed for Australian homes and businesses.

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Why Eline Fencing Is Your Right Choice?

Quality Assurance

Only the best locally-sourced materials, suited for the Australian climate.

Expert Installation

Our professional team manages both residential and commercial projects with ease.

Tailored Designs

Your fence, customized to your style and needs.

Fencing Contractors Forrestdale

Secure Your Property, Protect Your Privacy

Are you looking for a fencing company in North Perth? Secure your property and protect your privacy with our comprehensive fencing solutions. Whether you need enhanced security, complete privacy, or an aesthetic upgrade, we have the perfect fencing option for you. Trust us to provide reliable and high-quality fencing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Secure Your Property with Premium Fencing

At Eline Fencing, we provide top-tier fencing solutions to meet all your security, privacy, and aesthetic needs. With our extensive range of options, including glass pool fencing, garrison, and Colorbond fences, we ensure your property is well-protected and visually appealing. Our expert team also specializes in bespoke requirements, offering balustrades, aluminium slats, modular walls, and gates tailored to your specific needs. Trust us to secure your property and provide peace of mind.

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Our Process As Easy as 1-2-3!

Step into a world where your property isn’t just secure, it’s a stunner. At Eline Fencing, we blend robust security with jaw-dropping aesthetics, all wrapped up in Australian durability.

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Enjoy the Perks

You now have a fence that’s more than a fence—it’s peace of mind, it's beauty, it's Eline Fencing.

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Reasons to Partner with Eline Fencing

Quality Assurance

Leveraging authentic Colorbond materials.

Personalised Designs

Crafting fences that resonate with your taste.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs. Ever.

Safety & Compliance

Adherence to Australian standards.

Swift Installation

Timely delivery, every time.

Warranted Assurance

12-month labour and 2-year structural guarantees.


5 Star Reviews

Ready to Transform Your Property?

Fence Contractors Forrestdale

FAQs on Eline Fencing

At Eline Fencing, we cater to a diverse range of fencing needs. Our offerings include glass pool fencing, which adds a modern touch while ensuring safety around pool areas. Garrison fencing, known for its strength and durability, is another popular choice. We also provide Colorbond fencing, a versatile and aesthetically pleasing option with benefits such as low maintenance and high durability. Our range also includes balustrades, aluminium slats, and modular walls. For those looking for bespoke solutions, we design and install customised gates tailored to your preferences.

Quality assurance is paramount to us at Eline Fencing. We source high-quality materials that are local to Australia, ensuring that they are well-suited to withstand the unique Australian climatic conditions. Every fencing solution we provide is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Additionally, we stand by our work with a 12-month labour guarantee and a 2-year structural guarantee, offering our customers added peace of mind.

Certainly. Recognising the importance of privacy for many property owners, we offer fencing solutions designed to offer maximum seclusion. Our range includes tall and opaque fencing options which act as effective barriers against prying eyes. Coupled with our secure gates, we ensure enhanced privacy for both residential and commercial spaces.

Safety is a top priority for us. Our pool fences, for instance, are meticulously designed to adhere to all the Australian safety standards. This ensures maximum safety for both children and adults, allowing peace of mind for homeowners with swimming pools.

The installation process at Eline Fencing is meticulously planned and executed. It begins with an initial inquiry where we understand your requirements. This is followed by detailed planning, during which we offer expert advice and design solutions tailored to your needs. The final step involves the actual installation, where our skilled team ensures that your fence is set up perfectly, guaranteeing both functionality and aesthetics.

At Eline Fencing, transparency is a core value. From the moment we provide an initial quote to the conclusion of the installation, we ensure that our pricing is upfront and honest. Customers can be confident that there will be no hidden fees or unexpected costs during the process.

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At Eline Fencing, we are the right choice for our customers in North Perth. With our proven track record of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, we offer bespoke fencing solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that your project is handled with expertise and attention to detail. From enhancing security to providing privacy and complying with safety regulations, we deliver superior fencing solutions that elevate the value and aesthetics of your property. Trust us for honest pricing, transparent processes, and unparalleled customer service. Choose Eline Fencing for all your fencing needs in North Perth.

Fencing Contractors Forrestdale

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